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Vendor FAQs.

  • How do I know if I’m qualified to be a vendor?
    You are qualified to be a vendor if: Your business is based in Delaware County at this time. Your business isn’t categorized as a Multi-Level Marketing business.
  • How do I know I’m a vendor?
    Once you complete the vendor application, you will receive communication on next steps. Approved vendors will receive a confirmation and specific details regarding the Juneteenth event.
  • Is there electricity available?
    Each vendor space will have access to one outlet upon request. If requested, the outlet can only be used for ipads, computers, phone charges, anything needed for point of sale transactions.
  • What else is included in my vendor space?
    Each vendor will have one fold up table and two chairs. You will need to provide anything else that you need to conduct business.
  • Will you provide Wifi?
    Wifi is not available. There is no wifi access point. Cell service is available.
  • What time can I setup?
    Setup will begin at 2:30 PM. Break down must happen before 7:30 PM.
  • What happens if there is inclement weather?
    The event will be canceled.
  • Does my business need a physical location to be a vendor?
    Your business does not to have a physical “bricks and mortar” location. However, you will be required to provide a certificate of insurance.
  • Will there be signage provided for me?
    No, there will not be signage, but we encourage you to bring materials with your business name.
  • Will there be special parking for vendors? Loading/unloading?
    You’ll be able to pull up near the clock to unload, but will need to move your car to regular parking once unloaded. Your car must be moved by 3:00 PM. Any carts to move items must be brought by the vendor.
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